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Emergency Dentist in Dallas, Texas

"This was truly the best dental experience I've had in my life."

skip s.

"I was so impressed by the positive energy of this place & the excellent service from the dentist & team, who displayed such knowledge & kindness."

"Everyone was so kind and calming,  from the front desk to doctor."

Danny o.

"Had a shattered molar after years of neglect. Everyone was so calming and made me feel so comfortable every step."

"Best dental Experience I’ve ever had. Everyone was so kind, helpful, & knowledgeable!"

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"They provide efficient and excellent care. Luxury experience without having to pay luxury price."

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"Had an emergency and was seen immediately with no problem. Very professional, kind, and clean. They truly provide excellent treatment."

emergency dentist DALLAS, TX

Did you suddenly trip, fall, and break one of your teeth? Has your child started to complain about the pain in their tooth that won’t go away?

Any type of dental emergencyin dallas can be a frightening experience, which is why you need to be able to turn to a dentist that can provide fast, compassionate emergency dental care. Contact us immediately if you or a loved one needs urgent dental care; the doctors at Thrive Dental will arrange to see you as soon as possible for emergency dentistry.

Common dental emergencies Dallas, TX.

Painful Tooth Ache

First, you need to call our dental office as soon as you notice any hint that something is wrong, whether than means persistent oral pain or visible dental damage. While you’re on the phone with us, we can give you some advice for relieving your discomfort and stopping the problem from getting worse. There are many kinds of emergencies you could experience; here are some tips for dealing with some of the most common ones.

You can try and dislodge the object, but only use dental floss to do so; a toothpick or another tool might end up causing unnecessary damage. Contact our Dallas, TX location for your emergency dental needs right away so that your issue does not get any worse.

Object stuck in your mouth?

Do you have a chipped or broken tooth?

Did you knock out your tooth?

Did you lose a filling or crown?

Keep any particularly large pieces of enamel in a container and bring them with you to our dental office. It’s normal to notice some swelling after a tooth has been damaged; use a cold compress to keep it under control.

The amount of time we have to try and reimplant a lost tooth is limited, so get in touch with us right away. Only grab the tooth by the chewing end and try to put it back in its socket. Alternatively, if that doesn’t work, put it in a glass of milk or a container filled with your own saliva. The faster you get to our Dallas emergency dental office the better your chance of keeping that tooth.

Take the restoration out of your mouth and save it if you can. You may be able to use dental cement to put it back on the tooth, but you’ll still need to see us for a lasting solution. If the tooth is left exposed, apply some clove oil to it.

Sometimes what seems to be a toothache is simply a case of food caught between the teeth. Use dental floss around the area and rinse the mouth to remove any foreign objects that could be causing the pain. Call our Dallas emergency dental office right away if the discomfort continues; you could very well be experiencing an advanced tooth infection. It’s okay to take pain medication, but avoid placing it on the infected tissue or else it could cause a burning sensation.

“I love the welcoming & beautiful space they created. I'm always greeted with comfort & love."

lydia t.

"The doctors make sure to go through everything with you and ease any concerns you may have. My favorite dentist in DFW. They never disappoint me!”

"I cannot rave enough about Thrive! Ya'll have created such a safe & trusting atmosphere."

Nicholas p.

"Every time I walk in, it's like walking in to family you haven’t seen in a while."

"I cannot say enough how well the Thrive team treated me!"

Danny o.

"Hadn’t seen a dentist in 14 years and was scared. The dentist and her team were out of this world fantastic. And they worked out a plan to help me afford my root canal."

"I received phenomenal service from Dr. Nathan & the team at Thrive."

nancy f.

"Dr. Nate and his staff are heaven sent, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m rockin my new braces and loving it. I’m a patient for life!!"

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Do you have a tooth abscess?

A tooth abscess is a pocket of pus caused by an infection of the tooth and can occur in different areas of the tooth. A periapical abscess is an abscess that occurs at the tip of the root of the tooth.

A periapical tooth abscess is caused by an untreated dental cavity, trauma, or previous dental work that has failed. Bacteria invade the dental pulp – the innermost part of the tooth that contains the blood vessels, nerves, and tissue. Bacteria can enter the pulp through a dental cavity or a crack in the tooth and spread all the down to the root, causing swelling and inflammation at the tip of the root.

Tooth abscess remedy

Some people may try to treat a tooth abscess at home if they’re afraid of the dentist or can’t afford dental treatment. Please do not try to pull out your tooth or treat the tooth abscess yourself as this can be dangerous and make the problem worse.

Please see our emergency dental office in Dallas, TX immediately. At Thrive Dental, we provide same-day emergency dental visits so we can get you out of pain as quickly as possible.

How to treat a tooth abscess 

See your dentist right away if you have any signs or symptoms of a tooth abscess. If you have difficulty swallowing, breathing, or fever and swelling in your face and you can’t reach the dentist, go straight to an urgent care center or emergency room.

Your dentist may put you on antibiotics to treat the infection. He or she may drain the abscess to help get rid of the infection.

A root canal treatment may be needed if the tooth is restorable. Otherwise, the tooth may need an extraction.

Note: Leaving a tooth abscess untreated can lead to serious, even life-threatening complications. 





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"I can't recommend Thrive enough! They’re so compassionate & responsive to their patients' needs. They made an unpleasant experience very wonderful."

marisol M.

"Definitely the best dentist experience! Their service & patient care is top notch. Very professional with their diagnostics & treatment. And our kids love it here!"

syed A.

"Awesome service. First time I ever felt comfortable at the dentist. They have affordable plans and truly care to provide great service."


"The best in Texas! Had an emergency. They got me in ASAP and even stayed late to accommodate me. The staff is extremely pleasant and professional. Clean, high-tech office. "

wanda l.

"The whole staff is extremely friendly and attentive. They really make you feel like you're a part of their family. I'll be a patient here for years to come!"

hadie B.

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